Rock Chip Repair Kit: Saves You A Lot

Can I do windshield repair on my own? What will I used to fix a small rock chip on my newly bought car? Do I need to spend huge amount to fix it? These are commonly asked questions concerning windshield cracks or damages. Most car owners are aware that when it comes to windshield repair cost, expect big for this is one of the priciest parts to deal with. If you want to get rid of the problem, make sure that you do proper maintenance and you know how to keep your auto away from potential hazards. However, there are really a lot of factors that might harm your car and sometimes, no matter how careful you are, you are still being terrified. But, with the popularity of rock chip repair kits, you can already handle these things.

Some would ask, “Repair or replace?” Considering the pricey cost of windshield replacement, one would rather choose a rock chip repair kit. This specific line of kit is widely available in shops online and local and if you want to try the benefits of having them, shop around and get one for yourself and for your auto’s need.

A small piece of rock thrown off to your windshield while driving along the highway can lead to a gaping hole or a crack in your windshield. This is a common happening for off-roaders for they always encounter different types of terrains and they even encounter sudden weather changes while off the road. If you have a friend skillful in windshield repair, you are lucky enough for you can ask his help in fixing the problem. But, what if you don’t know anyone, will you take the pain of paying for pricey repair even if you can sense that you can do it on your own? Don’t hesitate to try if you think you can and get a good rock chip repair kit.

The very first reaction of car owners’ experiencing windshield troubles is to run to the nearest auto parts shop and then request the mechanic for replacement. This is not a practical move for there is one more practical and that is the use of the rock chip repair kit. Did you know that you can really saves a lot if you go for repair? How much more if you do it yourself?

According to expert auto glass repairers, 75 percent of the issues concerning windshield damages can be fix, so does not need to choose replacement eventually. Thus, before you decide to replace your windshield, get your rock chip repair kit first and see if you can work on it. You can really save a lot, for sure.

Auto Repair Yourself

Proper Tools

The first thing you’ll need is a good set of tools.  A socket set, wrenches, screwdrivers, are some of the examples of what you’ll need.  Usually you’ll find a list of tools needed if you’re using a repair manual.  Its important to know what to expect before you begin so read the repair article carefully.

Manuals and Resources

There are many types of on-line resources available for free.  These are typically found in automotive forums specific to a particular vehicle.  Members of these forums have written tech articles for you to use for free so they can be a great source of information.  There are also repair manuals in print or electronic form that you can purchase, download or even subscribe to that covers your vehicle exclusively.

Buying Parts

The parts can be found at the car dealerships, though typically cost more than what you might pay at an auto parts retail chain.  The best thing you can do is determine the part number for the part you need.  By searching for that part number, you’ll find a vast amount of data about the part as well as pricing on-line.

Additional Resources and Media

As bandwidth increases we see more higher quality how-to and do-it-yourself type repair videos being made. The videos are very effective in detailing the repair procedure, including the steps and tools required.  You can use these videos to help find out whether a particular repair is outside your skill level so you can make other arrangements before spending too much time.

Hyundai Auto

The car is not a mere machine that transports people from one destination to another — it’s a man’s most prized possession and he is passionate about it. There is no callousness when it comes to buying the car, and car owners have their own car anecdotes to tell and they can rattle off all the features and benefits of the car that they drive. Hyundai car owners can be heard praising the car’s engineering, sleek design, benefits of owing one, and also the high quality auto parts. The popularity of brand Hyundai can be gauged from the fact that it’s reported to be the world’s largest automaker by profit and one of the fastest growing automakers. The proud owner of Hyundai car won’t show any kind of lethargy when it comes to shopping for Hyundai car parts, and will only buy the best from the best dealer.

However, it can be a real headache to find the right dealer for Hyundai auto parts. When one does an online search, there are a number of stores that come-up, claiming to offer authentic parts for Hyundai cars at wholesale price. Also, there are some dealers that offer a full line of discount Hyundai car parts. It’s a good idea to consult a friend or another Hyundai owner before spending money on auto parts that end-up substandard in quality.

There are some dealers that offer both original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and also aftermarket parts for Hyundai cars. It’s better to go for OEM Hyundai auto parts. They may cost more than the aftermarket parts but they are genuine and are engineered to meet the high standards of Hyundai Motor Company. Substandard parts often transform the prized possession to a mere machine that requires repair all the time.

Unique Ways to Advertise Your Transmission Repair Shop

Are you having trouble getting the word out about your transmission repair business? Are you tired of spending excess money on billboards, newspaper advertisements and direct mail out brochures and not seeing the return on your investment? Well, there’s no need to get discouraged. Contrary to what some may believe, you don’t have to rely strictly on the traditional forms of marketing to get your business noticed.

For instance, instead of spending thousands of dollars on printed advertisements, you can offer discount prices on services such as oil changes. Of course, you will need to use advertisements to get the word out about the discount. However, the deal you are offering will help you get a much quicker return on your investment. That’s because people are always looking for ways to save money.

This may not seem like a good idea because this type of deal doesn’t focus on the transmission repair services you offer. That may be true, but that doesn’t mean this option won’t be effective. One of the most beneficial things a business can do is attract customers. Once you have done this, half of your battle is already won. Although the customers may not initially patronize your establishment to get transmission work, they will definitely remember your business in the future. Therefore, if they one day find themselves with vehicular issues, they will always remember the place that offered them the great deal on their oil change.

Another way you can advertise your transmission repair shop is to provide workshops for the community. These workshops can be free or you can charge a small fee. Don’t make the events too pricey. You want to attract as many potential customers as possible. During the workshops, you can give participants tips on ways they can help keep their vehicles running for long periods of time. Don’t forget to stress the importance of routine checkups on equipment such as the engine and the transmission. Hand out business cards and flyers at the end. This way, they will have a direct way to contact you if they become interested in your services.

Lastly, you can partner with other automotive businesses and market alongside them. For example, if there is a local business that only sells auto parts, you can ask them to advertise for you. So, they can send all of their customers who have transmission repair needs straight to you. In exchange, you would send your customers who need auto parts to their business.

Marketing your transmission repair shop doesn’t have to be a drag. There are several creative things you can do to attract more customers. Pretty soon your business will be booming.

Volkswagen Repair – The Truth About VW’s ‘Lifetime’ Automatic Transmission Fluid

If there’s one thing International Sport Motors of San Francisco has encountered over the years, it’s problems with Volkswagen’s automatic transmissions. The reason Volkswagen’s ‘lifetime’ automatic transmission fluid system sounds too good to be true is because it is. Although the modern synthetic fluid protects better and lasts longer than competing oils, it will not last forever. In fact, legally, the term ‘lifetime fluid’ refers only to the duration of the VW Powertrain Warranty. So when the warranty expires, you’re out of luck.

Volkswagen, along with many other auto-manufacturers, knows that most owners don’t keep their vehicles past 100,000 miles. The so-called ‘lifetime’ fluid is simply a marketing twist used to help sell cars that require ‘minimal maintenance.’ But after the 100,000 mile mark (when vehicles need real attention) most Volkswagen repair guarantees are null and void. That’s why VW schedules a 105,000 mile timing belt change on 1.8T engines, and why most ‘lifetime’ guarantees are bogus.

If you intend to keep your car for a while, the cost of never-replaced ATF will terrify you. Left untouched for an entire ‘lifetime’ this fluid can cause serious damage to your filter and oil pans. Deposits of metallic shavings will build up on your filter and oil pan, and ultimately damage the transmission. The resultant repairs will be costly. So do yourself a favor. If you plan to keep your car around to see 150,000 or 200,000 miles, change your ATF yourself on a regular basis.

Although this task can be complicated, it’s well worth the effort. Visit your local VW-Audi auto parts retailer (GermanAutoParts and ECStuning, among others) and purchase a VW-specific oil and filter kit. For both the 01M automatic transmission and the MK4, get the filter kit and ATF Pentosin G-052-162-A2. Do the same with manual transmission oil, and your car will keep running well into old age.

By the way, don’t bother asking Volkswagen Service writers about these ‘lifetime’ loopholes. They’ll insist that products like the ATF are ‘sealed with lifetime’ but that is only by corporate mandate. If you really want to keep your Volkswagen running smoothly, follow the advice above. Or, if you want to get the longest life and best performance out of your Volkswagen, do it yourself, or contact a Volkswagen repair shop that is willing to perform these kinds of preventative maintenance services for you. It’s far more cost effective than replacing your entire transmission.