Tips on Finding Affordable Automotive Parts and Accessories

Whether you’ve just purchased a used car that you want to fix up, or you have a classic car that you need parts for, finding an affordable store for automotive parts and accessories is ideal. There are a number of online stores that will help you to find the parts you need, and you’ll pay affordable prices in order to make the costs of your total repairs much lower.

Automotive parts and accessories can be found on the A1 Classic Car Parts Finder site. This is a great resource for finding the right parts for classic cars, so if you have cars and trucks that are 40 or 50 years old, the lights, engines, and alternators for these vehicles can be found at discount prices on the site. There are also a number of cars for sale on the site, so if you’ve always wanted a 1957 Chevy, or are looking for a Mustang from the 1960’s, the site will have just what you’re looking for. You can also pay for the parts and automobiles that you purchase on the site using PayPal; this way, you won’t have to submit your bank account or credit card information onto the site.

You may also want to check out the the Best Performance Auto Parts website to find quality automotive parts and accessories. When you log onto the site using your email address, you’ll be able to sign up to have special internet deals sent to your inbox, and there are are also a number of tips that you’ll get about how technology may be changing concerning the parts you’ll need for your car. If you need auto body kits, brake replacement parts, or air intake systems for your car, this site will have the supplies you need for a number of car models. Even if you have a pickup truck or a vehicle that runs off of diesel fuel, you’ll still be able to find things like aftermarket truck accessories, inter coolers, throttle bodies, and computer chips for your vehicle. If you don’t find an item that you need from searching through the site inventory, you can send an email to the distributors and they will work to find the part for you.

You can also search sites like Yahoo or MSN to get more information on automotive parts and accessories. When you use the shopping links provided on these homepages, you’ll be able to find discounted car parts that will work well with your vehicle model. Small items like lights for the inside and outside of your car, as well as large items like alternators are featured, and if the sites don’t have the automotive parts and accessories that you’re looking for, you’ll find the links to the right online auto accessory stores for you. Happy shopping!

Another Lesson In Gratitude – Part 2

We’ve all read articles that encourage the idea that “when life hands you lemons, make lemonade”, but when one has the opportunity to experience that for themselves it can definitely take on greater meaning. Looking past the natural negative response when life hands you less than what you expected and focus on the good things and blessings in the process can be most beneficial. Well, once again I am having real opportunity to practice what I preach you might say. It was yesterday, August 3, when my husband Jack and I along with our two cats, Woody and Bailey headed out the door in our van, trailer in tow to make our second and what would be our last trip to the high country of Arizona for the season. You see, when you live in what one might call….um…..’insufferable temperatures” June, July and August, you welcome any reprieve you can get. That’s where the high country of Arizona comes in. Within two hours one can drop 20-40 degrees…..simply amazing. So, that’s what we’re trying to do….beat the heat as they say.

So, we’re heading down the road, not a square inch of room left in the van between the clothes, the coolers packed tight with food, the firewood and of course the cats and all their luggage; including a double decker cat stroller. Hey, we travel in comfort what can I say. We’ve got our Starbucks Iced Americano as per usual and feeling much relief that we actually got out of town and are on our way. We pull into our usual first stop in Payson which is the Safeway store to get a few last minute perishables and our cubed ice for those “special” drinks we make. Because we have the cats with us and it is now approaching 95 degrees at this elevation, we leave the van on and lock the ‘kids’ inside with the air conditioning on. When we come back we noticed that the car seems to be idling/vibrating awfully hard. Hmmmm, we think….well it’s just hot, and the A/C is putting extra stress on the car. We pull into the next section of the strip mall to pick up another item and again Jack says he’ll just run in while the cats and I stay in the nice cool vehicle. Well, within minutes after his exiting the car I notice the van start to shake and idle even more roughly. What is going on here? I am thinking to myself. So I immediately turned the car off, tried to hustle Jack on his way by cell phone and figured we just needed to get this puppy back on the road. Nice thought in theory. However when he tried to restart the car nothing happened. It made that sickening sound like it was wanting to but just couldn’t make it. You all know what I am talking about. The “car won’t start – how much is this going to cost me? blues”

Well, this is the start of the ‘gratitude moment’. We just happened to be in a parking lot in front of an Auto Zone store. So, Jack decides he will consult them. Well, at this point with the temperatures rising in the car I am really starting to ‘glisten’ as a lady would say. So the only option is to follow him in the store for his “my car won’t start – 101 course”. The only problem is that that would also leave the cats behind in the hot car. Have you figured it out yet? Yep, we haul out the stroller, place Bailey in it and then put Woody in his steel framed carrier (remember he’s a chewer) and trek into the store. It’s a wonder they didn’t run for cover when they saw us coming with all the paraphernalia we had with us; water bowl, make-up bag (after all I couldn’t let my make-up melt in the hot car, now could I???) and our water bottles. But, they were most kind and said we could keep the cats in the store for as long as we needed. Little did we know at this point that it would be needed much longer than we expected. We pulled Woody out of his carrier and slid him into the bottom compartment of the stroller so he’d be a little more comfortable and began what would be the second phase of this saga.

After considerable discussion and consultation you might say with each customer service parts employee, it was decided that the assistant manager would call his ‘bud’ up the street who had a repair shop. His opinion was that it was our fuel pump. Well, with that pretty much decided we still had the concern of getting the van to the repair shop. We call the Auto Club and they tell us that someone will be there in 30 minutes. Yeah, right. In the meantime, the nice owner of the repair shop offers to come and disconnect our trailer from our van (can’t tow a car that’s towing a trailer, you know). So, while we’re waiting for him to do that, we call the Auto Club again. My husband’s getting a little frustrated at this point as am I and the next words I hear coming from him are, “look, can’t you tell the guy it’s an emergency?? I got my cats here and we’re stranded”. Somehow, the story wasn’t effective. We had to wait another 60 minutes. All the while we’re watching the sky grow blacker than the color of coal and are seeing lightning strikes throughout. Having traveled to the high country as much as we have this time of the year, we know where this is going. The heavens are about to open up and dump a real soaker on us.

To add to the scenario, the poor cats have been away from their food and litter box for nearly two hours and I am getting nervous. I suggest that he take them back to the van so they can refresh and relieve themselves. After all, I didn’t want any surprises in the auto parts store. They were being kind enough as it was. Just after Jack got them into the van, the tow truck guy shows up. I had no idea he would get the van loaded up that quickly and the next vision I see is the van going up at an angle about 10 feet in the air with Bailey looking out the passenger window giving me a “silent” meow. Oh my word…..the cats are in the car!!! Nothing to do now but to pray, as they say. The thunder is growing louder and the van is loaded on the tow ramp, but we still have the stroller and ourselves to get to the repair shop. There are three seats in the tow truck. Jack was going to follow on foot pushing the stroller but the next thing we know, the tow guy is strapping the cat stroller on the back of the tow dolly with bungee cords. I am not making this up…..I have pictures for any of you doubtful readers.

Now my petite 5’2″ frame is struggling to get up in the truck cab which has to be at least 6 feet off the ground, but with the help of a foot rail and a friendly “push” behind me from my chivalrous husband, I made it in. We travel the five or so blocks to the repair shop and get dropped off while the van is being lowered; again with Bailey mouthing a “silent” meow. It’s hard to say where Woody was through all of this. We didn’t have time to ask him, believe me. Because of COURSE, it’s now starting to rain. We run for cover to the little repair shop’s office and are told that by now the time is too late to work on the car so we’ll have to stay the night. I secure a hotel a few blocks away and again we’re offered transportation over to it, which was a real blessing because the thought of trying to make it on foot with two cats, a stroller, their luggage, and our luggage was just a tad bit overwhelming… the rain nonetheless.

While I am on the phone with the hotel negotiating a decent deal, playing on the unfortunate nature of our situation, I then see the repair guy hoisting what he called a “Texas sized litter box” into the back seat of his quad cab truck. This left two seats open besides the drivers. Again, where were the cats in their stroller going to ride? OK, you’ve probably figured this one out, right….? They are now riding in the back of the pick-up truck, again bungee corded in. In the rain. We arrive at the hotel, wet cats and all and get checked in. Again, I see the repair man helping to haul our stuff out and this included lugging the “Texas sized litter box” up two flights of stairs because of course they had nothing available on the ground level. He helped with getting us settled and told us that as soon as our car was ready the next morning, he’d call and come and collect us once again.

This is where the ‘gratitude’ part comes in. First off, YES we were upset that our second and last camping trip of the season was thrown way off course. YES, we were just a little upset that it cost us an auto repair bill and a hotel room and frankly, a lot of hassle. But, we were also very grateful. Had we not stopped for that second purchase in Payson, we would have been on the highway in the heat when the fuel pump went out. We would have had no way to get out of the heat ourselves and certainly no way to protect Woody and Bailey. I would have been frantic with worry over them. Jack may have had to hike back to town along a very busy highway in the heat for help. It could have been a disaster. Instead, it happened right in front of an Auto Zone store in a friendly, little town where people still know what it’s like to be a good neighbor. All of our needs were cared for and though it wasn’t the way we had envisioned it, we were OK. And we were after all…..together.

I am also grateful because I had the opportunity to build more faith in my boy, Woody. He’s been a real pill when it comes to trying to chew his way out of his stroller. Actually, he has done this and frankly it truly could be a whole other story on it’s own. But, this time, Woody proved to be a real champ when he had to sit in his stroller inside the Auto Zone store for 90 plus minutes. He just lay very quietly and watched the people come and go throughout the store. Perhaps he enjoyed the entertainment. I know people thought he and Bailey were entertaining. It’s not too often that you see ordinary cats in a stroller, especially in a small town. But, then again….these are no ordinary cats as you well know.

I am happy to say, that we got on our way, albeit 24 hours later than planned, and even managed to secure our favorite campsite in our favorite campground. We’ve had beautiful weather and a really nice time. Woody and Bailey are enjoying themselves immensely watching chipmunks, squirrels and woodpeckers. We are very grateful, actually. So, once again I’ve been forced to count my blessings and not the trials. Something that I think gets easier with time, age and practice. I’ve certainly had the practice lately and knowing life as I do……I am sure I’ll get more. And for that….be sure to stay tuned!!

Significance of Auto Glass Services for Your Vehicle

Irrespective of how safe you drive, there are numerous cases when someone hits your vehicle which in turn, damages the windshield. Even the side glass and window can be left in a damaged condition. This is the time when you should contact professional auto glass services. You can get your hands on several auto glass services accessible in the market that have been vigorously helping customers.

It has been rightly said that purchasing a vehicle is the best thing you can ever do. It allows you to travel anywhere you feel like without waiting and paying for public transport. When you have your own vehicle, all you need to do is fuel up your car and you are on your way. Nevertheless, your vehicles might have a close encounter with some hurdles that would make it look terrible. For example, your vehicle may suffer from windshield damage and that is enough to make your vehicle look damaged from the front.

It is certainly true that you are on your way to attend to a crucial meeting or some important event, and the next moment you see the windshield of your vehicle being shattered by a stone. This happens in all sizes and shapes and can prove to be a distracting affair for you as it would blur your vision. It can create a dangerous situation for you driving your vehicle with a damaged glass. There are countless auto glass services that are available in the market to get the windshield or other auto glass repaired. It would get you back on the road swiftly and as soon as possible.

Nothing can deny the fact that most car accidents occur when the existing windshield is damaged or otherwise wrecked. Even a minute crack, if kept unattended for a long period of time, will reach the inner layers of this auto glass. A tiny stone can cause great harm to the windshield of your vehicle. When you come across such a situation, the first thing that comes into one’s mind is whether to repair or replace it. While there are some auto-glasses that are constructed in such a fashion that they can be repaired with ease, there are car parts that need to be replaced in case they are smashed.

Most of the windshield manufacturers use polyvinyl butyral, which is a high-strength vinyl so that the windshields can be held together. Due to this feature even if the glass smashes, it will stick to the inner plastic laminate.

How to Know When to Replace Or Repair Your Auto Upholstery

When a person drives a car, there is a direct experience with the cabin. The driver doesn’t really have contact with the car’s engine or even with the car’s fuel tank. But a driver sits in the seat of a car for hours each day.

That’s why it’s a good idea to keep your auto upholstery maintained. And it’s not always enough for you alone to keep your auto upholstery in good shape. Sometimes you need to bring in some auto upholstery professionals to do some replacing or repairing.

How do you know when to replace or repair your auto upholstery? Here’s how.

Your car is more than 10 years old.

If your car is more than ten years old, it’s a pretty good idea to do a spot check of your auto upholstery. Look closely for tears, rips and stains. Check under the floor mats and in between the seats. If you have a convertible, carefully inspect the car’s top. Auto upholstery repair shops specialize in making the cabin of your car look great, so don’t be shy about finding every little thing that needs to be fixed.

You have kids or pets

Kids or pets can do a little bit of their own “work” on your auto upholstery, and you may not even realize anything is happening. Carefully inspect leather seats for small punctures. And look at cloth tops for little rips. And always look for stains.

You’ve recently been in an accident.

Car accidents can wreak havoc on both the inside and outside of your car. The first thing you may notice is any damage that’s been done to the windshield. And that’s fine because many auto upholstery shops fix windshields. You may then notice any damage from debris that made contact with the seats or floors.

You sleep or take naps in your car.

Find yourself lounging back in your convertible or hard topped car often? Your auto upholstery may be due for some repair. Often the weight of our bodies can begin to wear car seats down, and make them look older and worn. If you toss and turn while napping in your car, oils or moisturizers from your hair can quickly transfer onto your car’s seats and cause stains that are very difficult to remove. So if you sleep in your car sometimes, occasionally inspect your upholstery. You may find that your tossing and turning has begun to do a number on your car.

Auto upholstery repair doesn’t have to cost an arm a leg, so don’t avoid going to the shop every once and a while. There’s just nothing like the smell of new leather seats or the look of a nice clean convertible top. The interior of your car can be a wonderful part of you daily commute. So take the time to maintain your upholstery.

Ford Parts Online Offers Greatest Discounts on Top Quality Ford Explorer Parts

Ford’s tradition of excellence is evident in every vehicle that carries a Ford nameplate. History of the automotive industry is never complete without the names of Ford autos such as the Model T or the “Tin Lizzie,” the Ford Mustang, the Ford F-Series, the Ford Ranger, the Ford Thunderbird, and the Ford Explorer, which all have created an impact in the auto market. The name “Ford” itself has become synonymous with “automobile” to almost everyone throughout the years.

One of its contemporary and most popular vehicles is the Ford Explorer, the best-selling Sport Utility Vehicle in its class since its introduction in 1991.

Among the most sought after replacement Ford parts for the Ford Explorer are Ford headlights and other Ford lights, Ford wheels, Ford mirrors, and Ford front bumper.

Keeping your Ford explorer in tip-top shape and condition all the time is important for it to maintain its high level of performance. This is especially true if you are often taking this SUV off-road. Driving conditions off-road make things harder for your vehicle parts, especially the engine and the external or body parts. Parts like your Ford wheels and tires may eventually wear out; hence they need replacement.

Accidents are also major factors that contribute to your auto parts’ early deterioration. Parts such as the Ford Explorer bumper, Ford hood and the Ford Explorer fender are the ones that suffer most damages during a collision since they are designed to absorb the force of the collision so as to diminish damages to other parts of the vehicle and of course, to the occupants. When totally wrecked, you have no other option than to replace them.

It is important to get your replacement auto parts from trusted sources to ensure the highest quality of these parts and their long lasting service. In the end they are far more inexpensive compared to extra cheap and low quality auto parts since they lessen chances of another repair or replacement, which would require you again to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars.